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Arch Bar Trucks


Kit and Ready-To-Run Trucks

Each truck holds over 300lbs, so you can build your own car and haul over 600lbs. Use optional instruction page to order in 7.25" or 7.50".

7.50" $425
RTR 7.25" $525
RTR 7.50" $525

AAR Roller BEaring Trucks


Build it yourself in a weekend, the kit comes complete with everything: wheels and axles machined and absolutely every item you need to assemble your trucks. There’s little finishing work to be done, just a little filing. All holes have been drilled, tapped and counter-sunk. Everything lines up. Everything is square. It’s a snap to assemble. But take your time, it’s the perfect opportunity to marvel at how well constructed your new trucks are, and dream ahead to the many years of faithful service they will provide.


Now you can purchase Plum Cove Studio's unpowered freight car axles and even our powerful Generic Electric axles a la carte!

Also, want to power existing trucks, or trucks from another manufacturer?

We can help!

Features cast iron or ductile iron wheels machined to IBLS standards (approx. 4.125" on the tread).

Also, Plum Cove Studios products normally have the 5/8ID

bearings pressed onto the axle ends.

(Please advise us if you don't want your bearings pressed on!)


7.50" $100.00
Power to spare!!! Available in 7.25 or 7.50 gauge, these are the same power axles found in the Generic Electric. Features easy to maintain "open" design and a motor that can run on 12 volts or 24 volts, your choice (we use 24 volts on the Generic Electric).
Unless you specify otherwise, we'll press our normal bearings on the axles. Motor mounts feature trouble-free Oilite bushings.

Plum cove Motor


For a limited time, we're offering our custom AMERICAN MADE motors. They're great because they fit between the average 7.25/7.50 wheelset. Approximately 18" inches wire leads. Has threaded mounting studs running length of casing. We've tweaked the perfect combination of speed and torque.

Generic Electric


You'll receive the power axles, journal boxes, springs, bolts, metal frame, coupler pockets, wires, electronics and handheld throttle.

Frame Only

24 v RTR Control KIT


Ready - To - Roll Control Kit

Once this system arrives at your house, simply attach two 12v batteries found anywhere with our provided harness and you're off and running. It's literally that easy.

RTR Kit $499

Out of Stock  

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