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Rolling Stock

World famous car

Phinneas T. Phlatt 

Complete kit. Comes with everything included. Includes trucks, solid couplers and all metal detail parts. Use optional instruction to order in 7.25" or 7.50".

Oak Decking $1,025.00
Maple Decking $1,025.00
Cherry Decking $1,025.00

whreephur Car


Whreephur D. Phridge

Complete kit. Comes with everything, including trucks and solid couplers. Use optional instruction to order in 7.25" east coast or 7.50"west coast


Generic Electric


Electric Engine

Complete kit. Includes all parts to build a complete locomotive. Drive train comes pre-assembled. Handheld controller also comes pre-assembled unless otherwise requested. Use optional instruction to order in 7.25" or 7.50".

DRG&W Goose kit


Plum Cove Studios is proud to be working with Jim O'Connor and Discoverlivesteam to offer some basic components of his DRG&W Goose project. This great project is perfect for beginners or veteran craftsmen alike, and is sure to provide you and your family years and years of enjoyment for fairly short dollars. (CAD DRAWINGS)

You'll get a complete Plum Cove Studios control system. The brand new version, that can be MU'd with other units or even Remote Controlled! Go all out and install a Phoenix Sound system.


Plum Cove Studios FAMOUS arch bar trucks! Over 600 pairs can't be wrong! You'll get 1 truck, ready to be assembled and mounted to your Goose chassis. Wheels & axles are sent RTR.

You'll get one of Plum Cove's bullet-proof power axles. More than enough power to haul the Goose, and a car or two filled with a gaggle of friends.

7.50" KIT $1,025.00
7.25" INTL. KIT $1,125.00

Generic Electric


You'll receive the power axles, journal boxes, springs, bolts, metal frame, coupler pockets, wires, electronics and handheld throttle.

Frame Only

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