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The Generic Kit


We’ve taken surveys… we’ve taken names… Now we’re giving you exactly what you asked for, at exactly the price you said it should be. Powerful enough to haul a work train and workers, yet compact and light enough to be carried around in the family car’s trunk… you’ll find many uses for the Generic Electric.



• Electric powered, by two deep cycle marine batteries.

• Variable speed controller, with reverse and dynamic (regenerative) braking.

• Two powerful electric motors, prototypically hung on each axle.

• Solid couplers on each end.

• Assembles in one weekend, with only simple hand tools.

• Able to haul a full train on most reasonable track grades.

• MU’able with other Generic Electrics.

• Fits in almost any car trunk.

Pricing is just $1995 for a complete kit.
As these kits are so easy to assemble with simple hand tools, there are no plans for Read to Run versions (except perhaps the rare demonstrator unit). Shipping extra

Build it yourself in a weekend, the kit comes complete with everything: wheels and axles machined and absolutely every item you need to assemble your own Generic Electric. All wood is precut and sanded smooth. There’s little finishing work to be done. All holes have been drilled and counter-sunk. Everything lines up. Everything is square. It’s a snap to assemble. But take your time, it’s the perfect opportunity to marvel at how well constructed your new Generic Electric is, and dream ahead to the many years of faithful service it will provide. 

controller copy.jpg
Generic Electric Running Gear included with kit
Generic Electric Control Switch included with kit

the  "GE 23"  KIt 

 7.25 & 7.50 Gauge

Features Include:

  • Bulletproof & simple to understand RTR 24volt electronics.​

  • Fiberglass Body

  • ​4 powered axles taken from the proven Generic Electric system.

  • Plate steel side frames, just like prototype. No castings.

  • Motors hung on axles like prototype.

  • Sealed ball bearings on axles means long life.

  • CNC machined wheels. IBLS standard. Welcome on any track.

  • Sprung for excellent tracking.

  • Owner-set top speed 0-12MPH.

  • Options include Sound, Remote Control and Air Pump.

Unpainted RTR $9,250
Basic Sound $525
Remote Control $525

Rio Grande Southern "Goose #1"   Kit


This drawing package includes almost a dozen highly detailed CAD drawings with all dimensions given. It also includes 16 high-res photos of the RGS#1 full scale reproduction at the Ridgeway Railway Museum.


  Also included are builders notes and photos.

A complete set of Castings can be purchased from Arrow Aluminum.

The drive motor, controller and front truck can be purchased from "Plum Cove Studios".

Some basic welding and wood working skills are required.

At just a tad over 4' long, it's easy to transport. 

Purchase the drawing package today.

You'll get a complete Plum Cove Studios control system. The brand new version, that can be MU'd with other units or even Remote Controlled! 

DLS arch bar trucks.jpg

Plum Cove Studios FAMOUS arch bar trucks! Over 600 pairs can't be wrong! You'll get 1 truck, ready to be assembled and mounted to your Goose chassis. Wheels & axles are sent RTR.


Plum Cove's bullet-proof power axles. More than enough power to haul the Goose, and a car or two filled with a gaggle of friends.

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